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Played by Suzanne Mayes Adelaide E Who: An American used to the finer things in life, Adelaide E Who married Worthington only to discover he is a bum with no money management. She heads up a charity organization called: Who Cares? Adelaide! Claire’s best friend from childhood, Adelaide E. Who kept her maiden name (because it’s so great - who wouldn’t want it?) She loves to call herself “Adelaide E. Who” as if echoing the Swiss Miss Instant cocoa commercial of the 1970’s. She’s a ditz
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Played by Stephani Atkins Claire Stephens: Total WASP. A helicopter parent who prides herself in her daughter Ivy’s career.  On her own, she would never be able to live in as fashionable a house set in the trendy, expensive Running Springs. Instead, as a divorced woman, she lives off of the alimony from her ex-husband.
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CALYSSA HALL ACTING MENTOR Calyssa Hall is the Artistic Director for the Zephyr Theater in Stillwater […]
RANDAL BERGER ACTING COACH Randal Berger (SAG-AFTRA/AEA) has worked professionally as an actor, director, producer and […]
ALAN FRECHTMAN PRODUCER & FOLEY MENTOR Alan Frechtman worked with Garrison Keillor on Prairie Home Companion as far […]