About HUSH

HUSH was a podcast that ran for 3 seasons. It was the very first StoryArk podcast produced. There is currently a spin off called “ NOIA“.

Andromeda Cole​

better known as Andy, has been sent to the sleepy little town of Edellen to live with her eccentric Grandma Violet after the unexpected death of her parents. Soon, a voice that calls himself Silence begins to whisper to her, leading her and her new friends through portals to different worlds where they soon discover that there is a lot more to the story of her parents death. Join Andy on her journey to fulfill her destiny. 

In 2016-2017, the HUSH team completed nine episodes of season 1 and ended with a finale performed and recorded at the  Phipps Center for the Arts as a live radio play. Now, in 2018, the eight episodes of Season 2 are being released. In Season 2, Andy and her friends enter Geyaabi, a new world based on an authentic Native American culture. In partnership with the Stillwater Native American Parent Advisory Committee  (NAPAC), native experts have shared their wisdom with the team and advised on how to appropriately research and incorporate a world based on the Ojibwe culture into our storyline.