Connect with peers and create together

Connect with peers from all over Minnesota and the United States, be inspired by professional artists from all over the world, and participate from the comfort of your home all while imagining and producing original podcasts, films, poetry, prose, music and visual arts.

As imagined, implemented and run by StoryArk’s Emerging Professionals

Summer Camp 2021

Create stories with some of the brightest the the biz

Writers, Actors, Filmmakers, and more. Rub elbows and create stories with those who tell stories for a living.

Need help with Tech?

Students participating in the Absent Narratives Project, as a part of StoryArk’s commitment to bridging the digital divide, have access to a free iPad and keyboard

If you don’t have consistent access to a device that you can use for camp, StoryArk will provide you with an iPad and keyboard! No cost to you!

We want you to succeed without barriers, so we’ve decided to let you keep the iPad forever so you can continue to grow and succeed.

You’ll be able to secure your iPad if you need it during registration. 

Contact Steph if you have any questions steph@storyark.org

Our Summer Camps

Register by May 1st

Storytelling Camp

Explore podcast, film and literary arts all in one storytelling camp

Third, include the dates:

Monday through Thursday

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Central Time

June 7 – June 24

Podcast Camp

You will connect with industry professionals as well as other students in the first half of our day at camp. Then in the second half, take your new knowledge and discussions and implement them into creating a podcast episode with your peers!

Monday through Thursday

1:00 to 3:00 PM Central Time

June 7 – June 17th

Film Camp 

In the first hour of each day, you will learn the secrets of short films from professional filmmakers and in the second hour, you will apply what you’ve learned to create a film of your own.

Monday through Thursday

1:00 to 3:00 PM Central Time

July 12 – 29

Creative Writing Intensive

In the first half-hour, you will connect and learn from professional artists. The rest of the hour and a half will be spent implementing your learned techniques while collaborating on a variety of literary projects. All the while connecting with your peers!

Monday through Friday

1:00 to 3:00 PM Central Time

August 2 – 6

Youth Voice Empowered, Uplifted, Amplified

Students creative projects will be featured:

The Fine Print

You have questions. wE have answers.

All StoryArk programming is currently held online via Zoom, and in virtual platforms via HUBZ MOZILLA VR Galleries until further notice. StoryArk staff and Emerging Professionals have been trained to effectively utilize these new technologies and how to safely monitor activities. All online sessions will also be recorded (including chat conversations) for the safety of the student and adult mentors alike, and will be stored internally. These recordings may be used to create promotional materials, staff training materials, etc. These recordings are not readily available to the public, but may be made available upon request depending on the reason by which it is needed to protect other students attending.

StoryArk expects all students and adult leaders to adhere to their current Code of Conduct. You may find our current policies and codes of conduct here. 

If you need financial assistance for classes, we have scholarships available to all students on request. Please let us know before you register for classes so that we can give you a coupon code for check out where applicable. 

Please reach out to Stephani Atkins at  steph@storyark.org or 651-417-6223 with any questions or concerns.