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St. Croix Valley Festival

Featuring stories and works from our Summer Camps with students from the Twin Cities

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Video Timestamps


4:09 Welcome

10:10 Introduce the Pre-Professionals

11:00 MCs Peyton and Austene Van

14:26 Promo Video

19:30 Short Film: “School Bored Meeting” Lee’s Cut

25:40 Shout Out from Adam Levy

27:50 Podcast: “Brain”

32:10 Podcast: Bleeding Lavender

37:30 Podcast: Just for a Movement

40:31 Penumbra Podcast Shout out

40:50 Podcast Trailer: Fo(u)r Angry Black Women

44:24 Shout Out from Angela Meryl 

46:05 Boogie Break with NUNNABOVE

47:55 NUNNABOVE introductions

48:47 Commercial Break – Plant a Sock

50:26 Podcast: Hush Jr

53:38 Shout Out from Jonny Sims

53:50 Horror Short Film: “Zoom Killer”

59:00 Podcast: “NOIA”

1:02:35 Intermission/ Music with NUNNABOVE

1:07:50 Peyton takes us to the Oscars

1:09:56 Shout Out from Ski-Ter Jones

1:11:33 Poetry and Prose with the Boomsite Magazine

1:23:23 Shout out from Jennifer Matthieu

1:23:43 Podcast: Carnation

1:26:44 Commercial Break – Towels are Great

1:28:40 Peyton “moustache” you to check out your welcome packet

1:31:03 Sitcom: “Study Group”

1:40:04 Shout out from Ken Levine

1:41:01 Podcast: Against the Standard

1:47:29 Shout of from Charles Carpenter

1:50:41 Short Film: “School Board Meeting” Krister Edit

1:56:38 Thanks and Credits

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Huge thank you to everyone who came to […]

The StoryArk Festival is supported by the St Croix Valley Foundation and sponsored by Kowalski’s Markets. Summer programming has been a collaboration through our Absent Narrative Project with Stillwater, South Washington County and Hastings school districts. StoryArk programming seeks to empower, uplift and amplify the voice of all students – especially those underrepresented and often missing from the mainstream narrative.